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Full-Size Mattress

Sleep is one of the most important natural processes in the world. In fact, some would argue that it is the most important process in existence. We need sleep to survive and function, and when we aren’t sleeping well, boy, do we know about it. A lack of sleep can leave us tired, it weakens our immune system, it makes us feel irritable, it damages our mental health, it reduces our levels of focus and concentration and it can even put our health at risk. When driving on the road for example, tiredness kills. There are many different things that can influence the amount of sleep that we get each night, but if you’re consistently not sleeping, your mattress could be the culprit. A poor-quality mattress is one of the leading causes of disrupted sleep, which is why a full-size mattress could be the solution to all of your sleeping concerns. Here’s a detailed look at full-size mattresses.

Why choose a new Inofia full-size mattress?

When you eventually get to sleep on your old, sagging, stained, uncomfortable mattress at night, you manage a solid 4 hours sleep each night, maybe even 5 if you’re lucky, and that’s great, right? Wrong! According to health experts, we need to be consistently getting between 7 and 9 hours of good quality, uninterrupted sleep each night in order to be at our best, and old, poor quality mattresses just don’t cut it. When the time comes to replace your full-size mattress, you need one that you can trust. Introducing Inofia’s range of full-size mattresses. Our mattresses are amongst the most comfortable on the market, and our reviews and feedback speak for itself. Our full-size mattresses are spacious, yet they’re slightly more compact than our Queen-size range, making them ideal for saving space without being too cramped. Our full-size mattresses have been created using precision engineering using the finest materials, and we’re confident that we’ve created the ultimate in comfort and slumber time heaven.

High Quality Fabrics and Materials

Whether you choose our 8-inch full-size memory foam mattress, or our hybrid full-size mattress, you need to know that the materials you’re sleeping on do all that they’re designed to do, and more besides. Here’s why the materials we use in our mattresses are so superior:

  • Anti-bacterial.
  • Anti-dust mite.
  • Cooling.
  • Breathable.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Heat dissipating.
  • High temperature disinfecting.
  • Durable.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • CertiPUR-US certified.

Our best Full-size Mattress products:

If our hybrid mattress doesn’t quite sound right for you, you’ll be pleased to hear that we also have an 8-inch full-size memory foam mattress that we just know you’ll absolutely love.

This mattress provides layers of comfort, it is supportive, it helps to keep you cool in the summer, it keeps you warm in the winter, and it is made from the best-quality materials on the market today. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re even offering you a no questions asked, 100-day trial as we’re so sure you’ll fall in love with our memory foam mattress the second you lay down on it.

Memory foam is all the rage in the world of mattresses, but whilst many companies and manufacturers are perfectly happy to provide just 1 layer of foam, we don’t think that quite cuts it. We’re so committed to ensuring you get an awesome night’s sleep at night that we created a mattress with three, yes three, layers of foam.

Eco memory foam – The first layer is ECO memory foam which is durable and bouncy, giving you the feeling of sleeping on a firm, yet incredibly comfortable, cloud.

Smart comfort foam – Layer two is what is known as ‘smart comfort foam’. This fantastic layer of foam is able to mould itself around your body, adapting to the shape that you typically sleep in at night. This helps to ease pressure so you can sleep pain-free and wake up loose and limber, rather than stiff and tense.

Ergonomic support foam – The third and final layer of foam is our ergonomic support foam. This really is fantastic when it comes to comfort and support. It is ergonomic which means that it helps to support your joints, ease pressure, and provide shock absorption benefits so that you can sleep comfortably, pain-free, loosely, and supported with no disturbances whatsoever.

Here we have the Inofia legendary hydrid mattress, or as we like to call it, the bed in a box. Our hybrid mattress offers superior comfort and support, providing more pressure relief and cooling features than other typical memory foam mattresses on the market. This hybrid mattress is created using a combination of individual pocket springs and high-density foams. The hybrid legendary comfort memory foam cushions you and supports you as you sleep, whilst the individual pocket springs work individually and contour to your body and follow your movements each and every single time you move in your bed.

Comfort You Can Afford

By adding individual pocket springs to our innovative memory foam design, we’re able to create a mattress which relieves pressure, adds support, and above all else, provides superior comfort to help you to drift off effortlessly to sleep.

Our hybrid mattress is not hard, nor is it soft; it is just right. What’s more, as it is equipped with breathable fabric, it helps keep you cooler at night, while whilst also being more hygienic.

We’ve got you covered

Our hybrid mattress comes complete with an anti-mite, hypoallergenic cover which is designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool as you sleep. it is durable, anti-fungal, it helps to keep you cooler in warm temperatures to create a soothing sleeping environment, and it is nice and thick so it provides yet another soft layer of comfort between you and your mattress.

Our Service

We produce many high-quality mattresses every year. Our main series are memory foam and hybrid mattress. Although we don’t have many styles, our every mattress costs a lot of money and technology. We just want to make sure the customer receives a satisfactory mattress.

Our services include:

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